Wednesday, June 1, 2011

dalles mountain

Speaking of special places, here's one you may not know about. On the east end of the Columbia River Gorge sits Dalles Mountain. It's on the Washington side right across the river from The Dalles, Oregon. Spring wild-flower lovers come from a hundred miles away to see the amazing bloom. This year's cool Northwest weather has delayed and prolonged the show.

Mt. Adams in the distance
Mt. Hood in the distance
blue lupine bud
blue lupine
the river, The Dalles, Mt. Hood with Dalles Mountain in the foreground
Mt. Adams
At the foot of Dalles Mountain is an award-winning Washington winery. In addition to the premium wines, outdoor summer concerts at the winery are a highlight for those of us who live nearby.


  1. What a beautiful view, with flowers in the foreground and Mt. Hood in the distance! Gorgeous - thank you for sharing it with us, Donna!

  2. I posted a comment from my phone on the ferry ride home. Where did it go?!

    What I tried to say was that the pictures are absooolutely stunning!!

    LY, SG -)

  3. Lovely photos! And we love Maryhill!

  4. Maryhill rocks! It's time to go to another concert...

  5. Beautiful photos - this may call for a road trip this Summer. We used to explore Eastern Washington more - before we moved here.

  6. Isn't that the truth! Our eastern WA exploring sure slowed down.