Thursday, June 23, 2011

journal entry # 3,180

Monday, Day 3,180
Padre Island to I.G. McGee County Park, Port Aransas, Texas

Our two weeks at Malaquite campground are up. It's time to go. George the fish-fry guy told us about the county park at Port Aransas, which turned out to be cool when we scouted it. It's less than an hour away.  We decide to go for primitive beach camping instead of the campground with hook-ups. It turns out to be a good call. We snag a really secluded campsite on the south jetty where the shipping channel goes into Corpus Christi Bay. 

From our campsite the jetty goes out about half a mile into the gulf. It's a huge fishing area - at any time there are at least 50 guys spread out along the jetty casting bait to God knows what might be out there.

Best of all, the channel has boat traffic including big ships. Our back window is going to get some use here.

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