Thursday, June 23, 2011

journal entry # 3,180

Monday, Day 3,180
Padre Island to I.G. McGee County Park, Port Aransas, Texas

Our two weeks at Malaquite campground are up. It's time to go. George the fish-fry guy told us about the county park at Port Aransas, which turned out to be cool when we scouted it. It's less than an hour away.  We decide to go for primitive beach camping instead of the campground with hook-ups. It turns out to be a good call. We snag a really secluded campsite on the south jetty where the shipping channel goes into Corpus Christi Bay. 

From our campsite the jetty goes out about half a mile into the gulf. It's a huge fishing area - at any time there are at least 50 guys spread out along the jetty casting bait to God knows what might be out there.

Best of all, the channel has boat traffic including big ships. Our back window is going to get some use here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a favorite uncle

I have many aunties and uncles and choosing ONE favorite is an impossible task. So instead I have favorites. One of my favorite uncles has lived 92 mostly great years. He has recently suffered a stroke and is nearing the end of this life on planet Earth. I was thinking about it in the shower and decided that end of life has to be the worst phase of living. It is also a time to reflect and rejoice in having known and being loved. Uncle has been a positive influence in my life starting in my twenties. I remember visiting as a child, but my appreciation for Uncle and Aunt grew as I did. (Seventy years ago yesterday they were married!) When Mom and Dad were too far away to co-sign my first auto loan, Uncle was willing. He worked in a pretty cool office downtown and I'll never forget sitting across the big fancy desk from him while he signed the papers and said to me, "You are trustworthy. I'm happy to do this for you." I've been fortunate to live fairly close to Uncle and Aunt most of my adult life. And I'll tell you, there's nothing better than a loving shoulder when one is needed, a family gathering from time to time, phone calls and e-mails over the years, and a knowledge that you'll always be welcome and loved. Here's to my Uncle, a wise man who has lived a good life.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

dalles mountain

Speaking of special places, here's one you may not know about. On the east end of the Columbia River Gorge sits Dalles Mountain. It's on the Washington side right across the river from The Dalles, Oregon. Spring wild-flower lovers come from a hundred miles away to see the amazing bloom. This year's cool Northwest weather has delayed and prolonged the show.

Mt. Adams in the distance
Mt. Hood in the distance
blue lupine bud
blue lupine
the river, The Dalles, Mt. Hood with Dalles Mountain in the foreground
Mt. Adams
At the foot of Dalles Mountain is an award-winning Washington winery. In addition to the premium wines, outdoor summer concerts at the winery are a highlight for those of us who live nearby.