Thursday, June 16, 2011

a favorite uncle

I have many aunties and uncles and choosing ONE favorite is an impossible task. So instead I have favorites. One of my favorite uncles has lived 92 mostly great years. He has recently suffered a stroke and is nearing the end of this life on planet Earth. I was thinking about it in the shower and decided that end of life has to be the worst phase of living. It is also a time to reflect and rejoice in having known and being loved. Uncle has been a positive influence in my life starting in my twenties. I remember visiting as a child, but my appreciation for Uncle and Aunt grew as I did. (Seventy years ago yesterday they were married!) When Mom and Dad were too far away to co-sign my first auto loan, Uncle was willing. He worked in a pretty cool office downtown and I'll never forget sitting across the big fancy desk from him while he signed the papers and said to me, "You are trustworthy. I'm happy to do this for you." I've been fortunate to live fairly close to Uncle and Aunt most of my adult life. And I'll tell you, there's nothing better than a loving shoulder when one is needed, a family gathering from time to time, phone calls and e-mails over the years, and a knowledge that you'll always be welcome and loved. Here's to my Uncle, a wise man who has lived a good life.



  1. He sounds like a wonderful uncle, and I'm sure he's enjoyed the time spent with you and your family during those ninety-two years. To your uncle! <3

  2. sorry to hear about your uncle. you have been really blessed to have had such good times.

  3. I hope you told him this .. or read it to him.

    (Nice photos too. love that owl)