Friday, August 26, 2011


Summer. I love that word. I love that season. The Pacific Northwest has experienced a cooler than normal summer and it has been wonderful. Until a week ago, we didn't have a day over 85. Perfect for humans. Perfect for birds. Perfect for gardens. Summer, I hate to see you go.

white tail bucks
"owlie" the barred owl who has shared our land this year
my neighbor's zucchini blossom
imagine fresh peas in mid-August... usually too hot by then
a volunteer sunflower hosting a bumble bee
a sunrise thunderstorm with Mt. Hood sparkling outside the window
rarely does a morning or evening go by with out a visit from "owlie"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

hot pink summer

I bought this bougainvillaea plant in Bullhead City, Arizona early this spring. It looked nearly dead and was on the sale rack. Poor thing had to live inside when we got to Birdwood because it has been such a cool spring/summer. About a month ago it came back outside to live and look at it flourish! This is the flower that most desert southwest resorts use for landscaping and hedges, as well as more tropical climes like Florida and Hawaii. It looks happy to be living in a clay pot in south central Washington. How I love a hot pink summer.