Tuesday, December 13, 2011

baby it's cold outside

So after two weeks of bright sunshine and dark skies filled with planets and constellations the night of the lunar moon we get freezing fog. No eclipse for us. However what we got instead was pretty cool. Icy in fact. Burr, it is really cold outside for this gypsy who loves living in the desert in the winter. 

Newly plowed fields stand in stark contrast to the frosted grass and trees.

Goldendale, a blinking red stoplight town. My kind of place.

Happy Holidays from me to you!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

have i told you

Well, here it is the first of December. For the past 10 winters, my home has been in Arizona, Florida or Texas. This winter I'm enjoying a new house on our property Birdwood. Have I told you how fabulous it is?

We had snow a couple of weeks ago and it made the mud look wonderful. I won't be posting any photos of the mud until I have some before and after shots. Landscaping and covered decks will happen in the spring.

We decided on a little house that takes advantage of our amazing view of Mt. Hood.

There are plenty of deer to entertain us and our little dog.

There are agates, fossils and petrified wood here. These are my finds from today's walk. A lot of the wood appears to be driftwood. I must find out the species of tree and how old it is.

 A fiery winter sunset.

We see our buddy "Owlie" almost every day.

All those windows provide great light for my jewelry photos. The petrified wood makes a very cool prop.

Life is good.