Saturday, February 26, 2011

rugged and remote soul sucking

I've always wanted to visit Big Bend and last week we did! You've gotta come prepared to camp at Rio Grande Village. The nearest real grocery store is over 100 miles away. The nearest WalMart is 250 miles away. We stayed for only 5 days because pets are not very welcome at Big Bend. The weather was perfect. The exploring was magnificent. The sky was incredibly dark and the stars were simply awesome. Big Bend is the extreme north range for birds and critters from Central and South America. It is also the extreme south range for many North American species. From our trailer we saw a bobcat! Coyotes wandered the campground looking for tasty little dogs left out by their careless owners. Roadrunners were everywhere. My soul always sucks up as much of the pristine surroundings as possible when I'm in a National Park. This park was particularly special because there was no air traffic. We didn't see one airplane in the sky. Remote and rugged soul sucking.

If you look close you can see our trailer in the center on the right - we were on the south edge of the campground.
cool clouds over the "Basin"
hot springs on the Rio Grande 3 miles up from the campground
nice road through a rugged wilderness
the trail into Santa Elena canyon on the west boundary of the park - that's me going back to the truck because I don't do heights well
inside the canyon via my husband's pictures
the Rio Grande - an oasis through the rugged desert

Leave me a comment or just say hi. I'd love to know that you're out there and I'm not just writing to myself :)


  1. I'd never heard much about it other than the name
    It sounds wonderful for birding.
    Or just to find some peace

  2. It is well worth a trip. One camper showed Dick pictures of parrots that he'd taken there in the campground. We didn't see them :(