Saturday, February 12, 2011

palacios texas

This turned out to be our last stop on the Texas Gulf coast. Palacios, Texas is about halfway between Houston and Corpus Christi. It's a small town of about 5,000 and boasts that it is the Shrimp Capital of Texas. The harbor did have a big fleet of shrimp boats but we couldn't find fresh shrimp for sale anywhere in town. Go figure. We found a little RV park on the north side of town and right on the water. Most of the residents were "contractors" with the oil industry and they worked during the day so it was nice and quiet. And very dog friendly - no leashes required. We could walk from our trailer along the waterfront park for two miles. Sweet. I think we would have stayed another week except for that darn storm that was heading our way with threats of tornados and damaging winds and golf-ball sized hail. So our seven weeks on the coast came to an end and we hurried to a safer haven further inland. That is another story ;)

Sunrise out the back window -
same sunrise -
one of my favorite waterfront homes -

And then there were days like this - rain rain rain

not even the dog wanted to go out

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