Tuesday, February 15, 2011

journal entry 3,216

A page from our daily journal...

January 31, 2011
roseate spoonbill and blue heron at Matagorda, TX

Goodbye Gulf coast. It's been big fun and we will be back. Sajac, our truck, and Emoh, our 5th-wheel trailer, creak with rust as we drive west. Dick has decided that Potter's Creek is the place to ride out this storm. We drive across the flat landscape through historic Victoria back to the Hill Country. It's comforting to be going back to familiar territory to hunker. We know where to park Emoh and get set up with our door and satellite dishes on the protected south side of the trailer.

sweet sunset at Potter's Creek campground on Canyon Lake, TX
It's hot and humid. We walk out the swim beach loop of the campground and Hilldog runs with delight. She likes it here. A glorious sunset is our reward for leaving the gulf. In the wee hours of the morning strong winds rock the trailer and wake us up. Dick looks at the radar since we are still in the "tornado zone". He comes back to bed declaring us safe. All of the red is to the north of us. Sure enough. It's a couple hours of heavy rain and strong winds. No thunder. No lightning. We're asleep again before sunrise.

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  1. pretty reflection shot
    was there a tornado warning system.. just in case?