Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am missing the Tucson Gem show :(

I guess that's price for living in Texas this winter ;)

This is the view out our window at the sunrise in Port Lavaca.

I loved this little "beach shack".

And the color. Oh, the tropical color of the Texas Gulf coast.


  1. Absolutely loving these pictures Donna!!

  2. Did you do the actual background picture on this blog?

  3. Thanks Paula! No I didn't take the background picture. I do have similar that I could use if I spent the time to figure it out. Not a priority as this picture expresses a deep part of my soul.

  4. At least you can get out your front door! Amazing pictures, so looking forward to the day I see the coast again. Be gorgeous back to you, you are an inspiration. Melissa

  5. You've got snow don't you Melissa? It sure is cold and all morning there have been rolling black-outs. Can Texas stand two more days of this record-breaking weather???