Friday, August 26, 2011


Summer. I love that word. I love that season. The Pacific Northwest has experienced a cooler than normal summer and it has been wonderful. Until a week ago, we didn't have a day over 85. Perfect for humans. Perfect for birds. Perfect for gardens. Summer, I hate to see you go.

white tail bucks
"owlie" the barred owl who has shared our land this year
my neighbor's zucchini blossom
imagine fresh peas in mid-August... usually too hot by then
a volunteer sunflower hosting a bumble bee
a sunrise thunderstorm with Mt. Hood sparkling outside the window
rarely does a morning or evening go by with out a visit from "owlie"


  1. Wow! Such beautiful photos! I would love to see these kind of images everyday. I'm so missing the naturey place that we moved from. I feel like an uprooted country girl in the middle of a sea of concrete.

  2. Hedgewick!
    I keep thinking I'm going to drive over there to see you. When is your departure?

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos of the Pacific Northwest! I especially love *Owlie* ~ lucky you! ✿

  4. Yes, lucky me indeed. I do count my blessings.