Thursday, August 4, 2011

hot pink summer

I bought this bougainvillaea plant in Bullhead City, Arizona early this spring. It looked nearly dead and was on the sale rack. Poor thing had to live inside when we got to Birdwood because it has been such a cool spring/summer. About a month ago it came back outside to live and look at it flourish! This is the flower that most desert southwest resorts use for landscaping and hedges, as well as more tropical climes like Florida and Hawaii. It looks happy to be living in a clay pot in south central Washington. How I love a hot pink summer.


  1. Amazing! A bougainvillea in Washinton? I'm in Az and yours is blooming more than mine. After our big freeze this winter they are having a slower time blooming this year.

  2. Thanks for your comment Dana. I was in Texas for that big freeze this winter. Couldn't believe how much the vegetation suffered all across the southwest. Bought this plant after the freeze and it come inside for any freezing nights once we got to Washington this spring. We are in the rain shadow of the Cascades and get hot dry summers. We'll see if I can keep it alive over the winter...