Friday, May 13, 2011

journal entry #3428

Today is cold and we have a stiff headwind. Our little dog is clearly not happy about another day in the truck. At LaGrande the snowflakes start. It snows most of the way to Pendleton. It's sticking on the pass and our truck says it's 28 degrees. As we drop into the valley the skies clear. We drive the Oregon side of the Columbia River to Biggs Junction. Everything is greening. The hills look soft except for their wind-turbine topped crests. We stop in Goldendale for our mail and then it's a quick drive to Birdwood with Mt. Adams visible in all it's white glory. (We name everything... Birdwood is our 5 acre property northwest of Goldendale, WA.) Hilldog starts getting excited when we pass the gate and drive through the woods. She clearly remembers this place even though we've been gone for six months. Before Dick gets Emoh backed into his spring/summer position, Hilldog has her first ground squirrel trapped under the BBQ tarp. Sadly, it gets away from her. Snowflakes fly as we settle into our Birdwood home. Then the sun peeks out and even Mt. Hood makes a welcome-home appearance. The birds are here along with a barred owl. The daffodils are blooming, the tulips are budding, the weeping pussy willow has blossoms and the grass is short but green. The rest of Birdwood still looks like winter. Even a full moon welcomes us home in the cold dark dusk of evening.


  1. You'll never be talking to yourself, Sesta, as long as I'm around. Welcome home! G -) xoxo

    P.S. Tell Hilldog to never give up. Get those _)(*&(*&$%%#$^&((& squirrels, girl!!

  2. That. Photo. Of. The. Owl. Is. Epic.

    I'm so jealous, I wish I'd seen the owl AND taken the photo myself!!!

    Lovely post, Donna. Thanks for sharing! <3

  3. It's a real treat to see this owl frequently :)