Saturday, January 12, 2013


I remember my first visit to Moab, Utah. It was twenty years ago. 

amazing landscapes - that is one big cliff

The town was small and still relatively undiscovered. We camped at Arches National Park. We bought our groceries and our gas and ice for the ice chest and an occasional breakfast in town. It wasn't a long visit because we were spending a few days here and then moving on to the next wonder of southern Utah. 

a pronghorn every once in a while

There were several more car camping trips to the Moab area and then we began our gypsy life. We were free to "live" there, and we did. We found great campsites on the byways out of town. One of my favorite campsites is south of town where we lived at the top of a 1,000 foot cliff that overlooked Canyonlands. 
make your own trail

or walk an established one

We watched the little town turn into a southwest meca for the outdoor enthusiast. We learned that the best months as far as weather goes are May and October. We learned that any month except May thru October are the best times to visit if you like the small town atmosphere.

Moab has been discovered. There's traffic now. There's gobs of restaurants and gift shops and souvenir dives and motels and outdoor gear shops. There's lots of hip people. There's film crews every now and then. 

It is still a nice place to visit and a wonderful place to "live". Moab sits in the center of a few of my favorite places. I highly recommend seeing the wondrous part of our world!

Corona arch
an unmarked trail up a side canyon of the Colorado
ecotourism thrives on the Colorado River
who can resist the glory of Arches National Park

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