Tuesday, April 26, 2011

davis camp

Living in an RV full time has its advantages and its disadvantages. One of the best parts of this lifestyle for me is the ability to "live" in places where most people camp. It means that we get some of the best waterfront property in the country. We lived here at Davis Camp on the banks of the Colorado River for almost a month. Our "campsite" was right next to the boat launch and on week-ends was a hub of activity. And right across the river is Laughlin, Nevada. It's a quaint little river town with Vegas-style casinos but not the Vegas vastness. Davis Camp you rock. We'll be back again (:

its a large Mohave County campground with beach camping, rv hook-ups and day-use beaches
sidewalk camping - each RV has it's own ramada picnic table and riverbank

our technology array securely anchored - one of the disadvantages or full-time RV-ing
always something entertaining out the back window - a float plane of all things
fabulous sunsets right out the door
looking downstream at Laughlin's casinos
                        a great place for making jewelry !                                       http://cgi.ebay.com/handmade-BLUE-OPAL-pendant-GREEN-FLUORITE-ss-necklace-/350456094654 


  1. jealous. oh so jealous... (:

  2. How cool that you live in an RV! It must be neat to constantly get a new backyard. ;) That sunset looks like it was beautiful!

  3. I love your blog and I love your pictures. And like Pamela, I too am jealous!

  4. Yes, new backyards are great fun!
    Thanks Susan (: