Wednesday, March 16, 2011

journal entry #3176

I was just reading through our journal and I had to share this day with you...

Thursday, Day 3,176
December 23, 2010
Padre Island National Seashore

morning sunrise coffee out our big back window
There’s been some shopping and there’s been some present wrapping and there’s been some meal planning going on here. We have fabulous weather and beach walking barefoot has become one of our favorite things to do. Yesterday I suggested to Dick that we have a non-traditional Christmas dinner (a scallop dish that he made on our wedding day!). It took a while for him to wrap his head around the idea, but this morning he is busy making a shopping list. 

great blue heron waiting for scraps from fishermen
We’ve also got to go to the main Corpus Christi post office to get our presents from family that are waiting at general delivery. The post office seems like a longs ways, but it’s not. We get our mail, do our grocery shopping and hurry back to camp, anxious not to miss our neighbor’s fish-fry. We are bad about giving people nicknames and the couple across from us have been “the horrible’s” from Michigan. Every day they go out fishing and return with a string of big fish. 

Turns out they’ve been saving filets in their freezer for a month. Everyone in the campground has been invited to bring their chairs, their beverage and “something to pass”. The whole campground shows up (over 50 of us) including the family of nine with written on the side of their big motorhome. Dick makes a point of meeting the Dad. They are an interesting family who we will be seeing for a few more days. The “horribles” turn out to be interesting people. George fried up the fish-fry to die for. All of the fish was delicious, but the Florida pompano was the best. We even scored two baggies of left over frozen fillets. Later than evening, crazy Dick fried up a few more fillets and we ate ‘em while shouting out the answers to Jepardy. “What is Uranus, Alex?” is Dick’s favorite answer.

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