Friday, November 26, 2010

unique ways to shop

I've talked about Etsy treasuries before, but must again. A treasury is a group of 16 items for sale on Etsy. The group has been assembled by a member of Etsy (either a buyer or a seller) and usually has a theme of some sort.

Perhaps an explanation of Etsy is in order as well. I've always said it was an online place to buy and sell all things handmade. In fact, you are not allowed to sell on Etsy unless it is handmade, vintage or supplies for handmade goods. I just googled and found this interesting website which provides a lot of insight...

I've tried my hand at a few treasuries and it is not a simple thing to do. But it sure is fun. It's obvious that some of the "theme's" are challenges and the winner gets featured on Etsy's front page. I found this "tag" on one that I was looking at - nonteamchallenge 7 - and discovered that it's a blog right here on blogspot. So since yesterday was my birthday and I could do anything I wanted, I took the challenge and created a treasury with the one item to be used as your theme - the ROSES IN VASE GLICEE. What fun to see how many different interpretations there are to that one piece of art! And what a great way to find unique and unusual gifts without spending hours looking.

Here's a link to the nonteamchallenge 7 treasuries:

Be gorgeous.


  1. I"ve wondered about the name since it is an awful lot like mine! Your collection is beautiful! So glad you spent your day being creative.

  2. Did you read what that website had to say about the name? Very interesting. The treasury thing is addictive...