Sunday, November 7, 2010


I've been collecting new backgrounds for taking pictures of my jewelry. I found this board lying near a storage structure that was believed to be used by Butch Cassidy. So it's likely that he touched it. Way cool. And I like what it does for showcasing this Karen Hill Tribe silver rose necklace.

 And it's really good for stuff that likes to have it's pictures taken in the shade... like freshwater pearls...


  1. So, if Butch Cassidy could have touched it, should you have taken it? Shouldn't it be in a museum? hehehehe

    Your pictures are fantastic. I love the new perspective!

  2. Do you think? It was on National Forest land not National Park or I wouldn't have taken it. On the other hand, taking pictures on museum pieces is not a bad thing... thanks... Etsy inspires me.

  3. I was just teasing you. Hence the hehehehehe. The pictures are fantastic!

  4. I know. I just want to be an actress like Rose.