Tuesday, October 9, 2012

on the road again

the photo studio
After 18 months of staying put at our Goldendale property, Birdwood, we are traveling again for the winter! There's been family, friends, our first winter in the northwest in a decade, a new house, a garden, adding decks with roofs to the new house and finally remodeling a rental condo. Endless projects which were good except for the endless part. And none of those projects were jewelry related. I'm excited about being back in my trailer studio. I'm excited to be spending the month of October in one of my favorite places, southern Utah. Yay snowbird vacation (:
i love this place - spring flowers in october !!

out the back window view for this week
my beading board on the chair
silver box and tools on the stool
dog in the other chair
how's this for inspiration
aspen branch close up


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