Monday, April 9, 2012

nature's wonders

the last full moon of winter peeking through the pines
Being a 10-year veteran snowbird, it's been interesting to spend the winter in Washington state this year. While living where it's warm all the time one tends to forget that there are seasons, there is crippling snow and ice storms and that spring finally does return with it's promise of new life. We saw the first Western bluebirds on February 26. The hummingbirds have yet to return to their summer homes here in Goldendale. Owlie is still one of our nearest neighbors along with a pair of pileated woodpeckers. I am thankful for nature's wonders.
a pair of western bluebirds inspecting a birdhouse in spite of our weather station

at 12 inches, the pileated is North America's largest woodpecker

a weather front and Mount Hood
Yay Spring !


  1. I am partial to the gorgeous photo of Mt. Hood and the weather front. Greetings from Portland!