Saturday, January 21, 2012

a couple of journal entries

I'm sitting here thinking about southwest places. I dug out our daily journals and got warm by reading a couple of days from our past winter adventures. I'm sharing them with you and wishing you warmth and happy memories :)

Saturday, Day 1,847
January 13, 2007
Vicksburg, AZ

Last year we enjoyed a mild Arizona winter with most days around 70 degrees or above.  This winter is more typical weather with temperatures closer to the typical 60s in the daytime and 40s at night.  But not now.  A record-breaking cold wave covers half the country, including Arizona.  When we woke up this morning, our Weather Center said its 24 degrees outside.  With a steady north wind, it’s brutal outside especially for the desert.  I’ll bet the little kit fox who visits us every night thinks so too.  If we could, we’d bring him inside Emoh and brush his coat and then let him sleep between us.  We’d do that for the hummingbird that’s been at our feeder too, but the fox would probably eat it.  

A couple days ago we realized we might get out of the cold by taking our trailer house to San Diego.  Online we located a state park beach where we could camp by the ocean.  We made reservations starting Monday.  It’ll be fun, but for now we’re just hanging on, trying to stay warm and burning propane at an alarming rate.

Wednesday, Day 1,851
January 17, 2007
San Diego, CA

Silver Strand State Beach is south of Coronado and is one of the few public beaches to offer ocean-front camping.  Donna expertly navigates us into the campground, which is actually just a paved parking lot facing the ocean.  There is a faucet where we can get fresh water, but that’s about it in the way of campground amenities.  No power, no picnic tables, no dump station, and the campsites are just a row of back-in parking spaces.  But what it lacks in services is more than made up for by the view.  Out Emoh’s back and side windows is a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean with downtown San Diego on one end and Tijuana, Mexico on the other end.  The water is tropical turquoise with white surf breaking on the broad sand beach.  After two months in the desert, this is quite a change.

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