Sunday, January 16, 2011

journal entry

Dick and I have been keeping a journal of this RV adventure. And I'm thinking, why not put an entry here every once in a while?

Entry 3,183
December 30, 2010
Port Aransas, Texas


Boy oh boy. Life doesn't get much sweeter than this as far as campsites go. It's very busy here and yet we have all the privacy we care about. The channel provides constant entertainment. There's dolphins busy playing and finding food. 

There's deep sea fishing boats loaded with guys hanging on the side, peering out to the open sea and then seemingly empty when they return. Dick says the guys are all inside puking. There's people fishing on the sidewalk right out our window.

There's guys walking their dogs. There's guys riding their bikes. There's pelicans flying and fishing. There's great There's freight and oil ships with dolphins jumping on their bow wakes. 

There's sea turtles browsing on the bounty of the jetty rocks. The water is too cloudy to see them until they pop their heads up for air. There's pilot boats taking the experts out to the ships to guide them safely into the vast expanse of Corpus Christi Bay. And then there's the sweet light followed by tropical colored sunsets. 

Boy oh boy.


  1. Keep those bird photos coming!
    (I subscribed to your feed -- so I won't forget to check up on you!)

  2. It's been difficult to get pictures of anything but shorebirds. I miss my feeders...