Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ancient voices

This is our second night in a forest service campground near Loa, Utah. We're in a short open canyon filled with red rock walls, red rock formations, Utah juniper, willow and some blooming sagebrush. It's beautiful. It's good to be back in Utah.

A low is stalled over southern California sending storms and heavy rains to south and central Utah for the past two days. There has been flash flooding on the usually dry wash next to the campground. Nothing serious. The bad storms have been passing just east of us. Thankfully.

We walked the dog when the rains let up this afternoon. The dry wash was still running with chocolately red water. I know I'm in the land of the ancients. I heard their voices in the babbling water. I'm anxious to visit their dwellings.


  1. Thanks! I just now saw your comment. There hasn't been much computer time this past week :(